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Hi Folks

My name is Gary.   I’m going to open up this blog and comment section to interact with all of Havens auction attendees.

I’m wanting to make any changes to this web site or services that will help improve your auction experience.

If you are having problems with this service please let me know.
I will take the steps to resolved the issue.

I welcome any discussion on your likes and dislikes.


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2 thoughts on “Willis Auction Blog”

  1. Yes the man is good, in point of fact one of the best. Perhaps the best…. but, never-the-less not available in Illinois. I am proud of him and his accomplishments. I was born and bred in MISSOURI, and never to return….but my heart is there as much as the singer in the Alabama group is to his home state of Alabama! I am in some health situations; hope to see you in a couple of weeks “Mr. Willis”!!!!


  2. Thank you for the professional handling of our dad’s estate. If anyone is looking at this web site, wondering if it’s a good idea to hire Haven Willis and his group of hardworking, good-natured helpers, I recommend that you go for it. My family benefited from his extensive contacting of potential real estate buyers ahead of time, and we were able to sell the land, house and all of the house contents in one day.

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