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Local Auctions

Local Auction

Haven’s local auctions take place on location in the beautiful foothills of southeast Missouri.

Treasure hunters who are familiar with this rural part of the country know that it is surrounded with old family farms, beautiful property and luxurious estates.

Local auction in Southeast Mo farmlands, homesteads, and estates are nestled within the foothills with a lifetime of treasure and history waiting to be found.
When a family finds it necessary to give up the family farm and have a Estate auction, they are releasing generations of family treasures, collectibles,and antiques that attract collectors and dealers throughout Missouri and surrounding areas.
These hidden antique treasures are some of the best sought after heirlooms in Southeast Mo. Our unique listings have consisted of property, estates, farm equipment, tools, antiques, collectibles, furniture and much, much more.
There are items for treasure hunters of all kinds, all ages, and all sizes. You won’t want to miss these great listings.
As an auctioneer, traveling to different counties and locations throughout Missouri is an exciting part of our job. We love the breath taking scenery, beautiful pastures, gorgeous estates, and the many miles of picture perfect land.
If you are interested in having an auction of any kind, contact us and let us.
Haven can can help with any question you might have with making arrangements for his service of Estate Auctions.  For those who wish to attend get ready for a unique and fun-filled day, which could turn out to be one of the most exciting days for all the collectors and treasure hunters out there.
Thank you for taking the time to view our site and our upcoming auctions.
We are sure you will find our information to be updated frequently and we hope you enjoy coming out and bidding on unique items. Please check back periodically for new information.

Estate Auction
Estate Auction

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