Search Tips


Gary Gramlich Here

Here are some ways to aid you in sorting through the list pages.

Their is a total of 8 pages including this intro. page.
A total of 293 items with pictures over 6 pages.

One page with more items that do not have images
but will be display at auction.

Each item has a description and a ID code number
Each image has the ID code number on the the image.

To help scroll through the list and thumb nails increase the screen view size.
On a Windows PC use Ctrl and (+ plus) key.

Click on the thumb nail to view the enlarged image.

Here are links to a csv file you can open with your spread sheet software or google docs:  Auction+Gun+List5-4-17

All the images and the files are hosted on Amazon servers.
If you see a image load or down load from Amazon that is why.

If you wish to view or download the original uncut image you can.
This is a link to the original image folder, To view any of images copy and past this URL into your browser address window.  Replace the four digit Camera Image # with any other image # you want to view and hit enter.  The URL must be exact. No spaces or any other characters.

Hope This Helps
Gary Gramlich